Daisy's down time

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Daisy's down time

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Daisy left the garden and entered the main party room. She could see the anarchs had become restless in their hired role – she knew she had more patience than her fellows. She knew their attention spans were certainly wavering. By her reckoning, they were about ten minutes from starting to take vodka-blood shots and dancing on the tables whilst Dave dangles by his ankles in the chandalier. As much as that seemed fun, this certainly wasn't the time, nor the place for such things.

Daisy slipped one arm around each of the gentleman''s wastes and rested her head on Dixon Kane's shoulder. She sighed dramatically.
“I'm bored..” she disclosed with such emphasis it was almost impossible to ignore.
“No shit lil' sunshine, we're about ready to get this party started – proper” Kane leant in and wiggled his eyebrows at daisy, she grinned; he looked so proud of himself, bless him. Daisy feigned dis-interest.
“Aww man, all these stuffed jackets and fuddy duddys will just cramp our style. Let's blow this joint and find a decent place to swing, eh? We could meet up with the others, dance under the moon...”
The men looked about them, made complaining noises and motions until they succumed to Daisy's wisdom. With a nod of agreement from Enyara, they left the party in an orderly rabble.

They walked for a while until they hit the local park, meeting up with the other members of the anach movement after working their way through the secret twists and turns. They looked like a miss-match of a twisted, posh biker gang. Daisy took off her shoes and tossed them into a nearby bush before they found their regular clearing patch they met up in and stretched cheerfully before launching herself into the nearest comfortable looking tree. No human would ever find this little place, the undergrowth and trees were so dense if was very difficult to get to unless you knew the terrain – the gangrels how the earth worked and could lead the Bruja there for the meetups.

Dixon Kane and Dave were cheerfully showing off and taking the piss out of the Cammies, talking about how poncey their party was, stupidly flashy silverware and useless clothes, the sort no sane person could fight or rave in. Dave by this point was making use of his tie by mock-strangling himself with it. “Waste of time guys, I swear, if I have to dress like this again I'll meet my next sunrise” he concluded.
Kane nodded in agreement, “still, nothing beats the get up our Daisy was dressed in tonight, you guys seen this shit?” he started expressing loudly, thumbed in a harsh gesture towards her occupied tree. She was balanced well, on the balls of her feet, hands before her. The dress was still quite immaculate, the split of her thigh had hitched up...
“Absolutely stunning” he finished, sounding suddenly quite distracted. He sat staring for a few seconds before shaking his head violently, “what shit. I've never seen the likes of it, never thought I would” his shoulders slumped like a disappointed brother.
“What's your pack, Jack?” Dave asked, nudging him with the base of his beer bottle, “You got a problem with Miss Legand up there?” he gestured towards her, pointedly. Kane sighed and shook his head, “Don't matter none, clearly” he sipped his beer; Daisy tilted her head,
“If you've got something to say, dude, spit it out” she said it so clearly, the whole clearing could hear her words. Everyone stopped drinking and chatting, they stood and watched the conversation with interest. Daisy slipped down the bough of the tree until she sat swinging her feet below. She was smiling, teasing, but her eyes twinkled dangerously. Kane shook his head again.

Daisy picked an acorn off her current occupied tree and threw it at him without hesitation. It bounced off his forehead with a surprising hollow 'tonk!' and surprised him so much he fell off his bench onto his back, legs in the air. A chorous of laughter echoed around the park while Daisy simply smiled and swung her legs gleefully. Dixon struggled to his feet; his face was full of red-blood blush, he spat on the floor, “fucking female! No one's struck me in over thirty years, bitch!” He stood, his hands bunched in fists by his side, the muscles in his arms bulged almost as much as the vein in his forehead, “I could tear your head off, Traitor!”

Every vampire in the clearing gasped and stood back, someone at the back of the crowd dropped a bottle, the tinkle of glass was heard in the new silence. Daisy dropped out of her tree and slowly approached Kane. Her voice was quiet but every silable was heard clearly.
“What.. did you call me?”
Dixon growled under his breath, “You heard me, bitch, sitting sweet, hanging with those Cammies, dressing up in useless shit, what's with that?” He gestured at her clothes. She stood there with her feet the width of her shoulder, one hand on her hip, she looked rather serious,
“Says the dude standing there in a shirt and tie. Ain't that a cumberband under your shirt? Don't give me that shit, man, we all have to pow-tow on occasion and you know it,”
Dixon shook his head, “No bitch, you've changed.”
Daisy growled low, her hands fisted involuntarily. She could feel the beast inside rising, “Take it back, Dixon, I mean it” He started to growl deeper too, they sounded like they were harmonizing in the evening air. No one else dared to move...

Except for Dave. He stepped forward, beside Kane and said quietly, “I think you should cool it, nothing's going to be gained by fighting at a time like this, c'mon” he put his hand on Kane's shoulder, Daisy took a sharp breath, that was a mistake and she'd seen it before he had. In a blur of movement, Kane threw Dave to the ground with a hard thunk between himself and Daisy. “For a Brujah,” he snarled, “you don't half sound like a right pussy sometimes” Daisy stared at Dave on the ground then looked up at Kane, she sounded hurt,
“This is beyond a joke, you don't think I really am a... a... traitor, do you? After everything we've been through?” She gestured with her hands open, arms wide, even now she was keeping her cool, “You're the one who decided we need a better idea of what's going on out there!” she gestured to beyond the circle of trees surrounding them all, “You said I'd be best at the job, man, you” she turned her hand to point at Kane himself, “so don't go accusing me of being some turn-coat cammie bastard. I fought for freedom my whole human life and beaten for the rights of man. Now, I fight for all our unlives, I've never changed man so don't you start on me” her voice was still low, she felt hurt – this was personal. These were her people, her friends.
“I can start on whoever the fuck I like!” Kane retorted, “Still, you are right, I did send you on this stupid mission of the Camerilla; I pushed you into it, maybe I shouldn't have” He started to relax, Daisy couldn't back down though,
“I can look after myself, Dixon, you know that” Dixon looked like he was chewing a wasp,
“I didn't expect you to get so... So...” he waved uselessly in the air, Daisy prompted him,
“So... What?”
“So attached to them! I saw you canoodling with one of those cammie men, man, stuffed-shirt cammie bastard, doesn't know anything except how to ponce about and tread with the backstabbing assholes like he belongs there and we saw you kissing that bastard” he shot at her. She stood stock still – she didn't even breathe.

“Balthazar is not some Cammie bastard. He's working with others Inside to make things right for everyone, all of us,” she gestured among all surrounding them, “and he saved my life, more than once. I admit, I grow quite fond of him but if you think he blinds me from my love of freedom and my honour for my people you're greatly mistaken”.

Dixon Kane and Daisy stared at each other fiercely for a few moments while all within the clearing held their breath then Dixon relaxed his stance and conceeded. “Aye, I should know better. Daisy, I'm sorry.” Daisy relaxed slowly too. The whole crowd seemed to relax, like a collective holding of breath. Dave quietly muttered from the ground, “Can I get up now, dude?” Someone in the crowd started to giggle, all started to seem well then a small voice, barely audable appeared from behind Dixon, “Well I still think he's a cammie bastard...”

After that, all hell broke loose. The next thing Daisy remembered, she had blood in her mouth, someone's skin between her teeth and seven people holding her down while someone was screaming behind them, someone was shouting her name, too, it was Kane.
“Daisy, Daisy, snap out of it! Hey, stop trying to rip us apart too, man, c'mon! Daisy!” She could hear him but her body was still beyond her control. She screamed in fury while trying to struggle against bodies holding her down with Kane screaming her name. Someone was stroking her hair.

The colours were flashing and spinning behind her eyes... The sounds all mingled together like a crowd of panicking citizens on a shooting rank. In her mind, they were all black-helmeted police officers beating her friends to death while she was helpless again with people laughing, shouting, screaming... Everything smelt like blood and fire, her heart was burning with them, oh the screams...
After what felt like an eternity she felt the beast calm inside her, her sanity returned as her nightmares retreated. She still had the weight of people on her though she had stopped moving, she thought, they didn't dare move in case she chewed through their arms or something.

Someone was still stroking her hair and Dixon was still chanting her name, quietly, now. Daisy slowly opened her eyes and looked up. Amongst the limbs holding her down, she could see her head was lying in Dixon's lap, a ruby tear in his eye. She realised, he truly cared for her, in that moment, everything said this night was through fear, fear of loosing her. Even if it was just because she was some strange cat who he enjoyed running wild with. Daisy had been his constant for nearly 40 years.

“Hey..” she whispered up at him, “What's up, man?” He looked down at her, his face showed surprise then confusion then anger.
“What the fuck... I mean... What is it with you and ARMS!? Let her up guys, I said get the fuck off her now!” He shoved a guy twice his size away from Daisy with a grunt. Daisy sat up slowly and looked around.

Her dress was covered in blood, she'd broken two nails on her left hand and she still had flesh in her teeth. She picked them out with her tongue and spat them on the floor. “Who...”

Kane put his hand on Daisy's shoulder. “Steady girl, the poor noob didn't even know what fucking hit him. Stupid fucking neonate doesn't know when to keep his fucking mouth shut it's his own fault, dickhead.” He caught the look on Daisy's face, “don't worry; it'll grow back... Eventually. Stupid git...” Dixon shook his head. Daisy smiled at him gently,
“If you keep shaking your head like that, it's going to fall off, y'know. So, what happened?”
“Well, the stupid neonate went and opened his fucking mouth didn't he, just as we was coming to an understanding. I've never seen you move so fast even when free beer is flowing, some stupid couple of gits tried to get between you and him and you came so close to ripping his throat out before that big guy there pulled you off for a second. You wouldn't let go though and tore his fucking arm off” He sounded so matter of fact about this, it was almost scary. “Another guy tried to hold you down before the rest of us could get to yous and you punched him clean out, that's when the big guy tried to make you a new breathin' hole, there” he pointed to the new claw marks on her face, she touched them, they stung terribly. “Reckon they'll be slow to heal, proper claw marks. That's when you ripped him a hole in his leg with your teeth and everything got bloody. That's when the rest of us caught up and sat on you til' you calmed the fuck down, bitch. Never seen you go so fuckin' batshit”

Daisy remained silent while Kane lit up a cigerette. Finally Daisy shrugged.

“I guess I give a shit about him more than I think I do” She looked at him, her expression was almost one of concern. “Damn”.

“Yeah,” Dixon blew out a smoke ring, “Damn” he agreed.
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