Shadows Of Dan'Nath

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Re: Shadows Of Dan'Nath

Post by Amarante »

Amarante stood with Cassandria, she slipped beside her as she walked out of the Inn and out into the night air. It was cold out here, especially compared with the heat from indoors; she figured that there wasn't anything better for her to do so she tagged along. Besides, staying with Cassandria she may actually meet her horse. Despite the cold air, her skin remained smooth and without bumps or chills. To all intense and purpose, she appeared to be walking through a warm summer's day despite evidence to the contrary.

She looked at the grand pile of broken wood ready to be burned; she whistled from high pitch to a low one. She had heard of the festival lasting so long and that they go off with quite a bang, but this...

"That is one hell of a forest to go up in flames... No wonder, this festival is such a long one."

Amarante tilted her head to one side, listening to the singing throughout the Town, sang in many voices. It was truly beautiful. Amarante grinned with an almost childish glee,

"I cannot wait for the dancing to start; there's just something about fire and dancing that mix don't you agree?"

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Re: Shadows Of Dan'Nath

Post by Annwvyn »

"Nor can I," Annwvyn said to Lady Amy with a smile, eagerly awaiting the lighting of the fire.

Leaning his head towards Cassandria, he spoke while keeping his eyes on the immense pile of lumber as they prepared the lighting. "Milość sama w sobie jest szczęściem..." he said in a tongue from the world he grew up in. "Love... is happiness. Whatever that love may be. For you, language. For me... I would have to say it would be the culture of other worlds." He paused a moment in thought, allowing the words to settle. With an instinctive nod he then said "I would be happy to describe what I see to you in the best way that I can. I hope my words do it justice."

"The snow falls lightly, coating the surroundings in a light dust of white. The lights of the torches and the lamps reflect off of the white, causing the town centre to glow a beautiful mixture of yellows and reds, shadows dancing with the torch bearers around the base of the three or so metre tall pile of wood. The tables around the centre are decorated with green trees and red berries around candles that are burning blue through some means of alchemy, traditions much similar to my homeworld. The food looks magnificent... they are finishing the preparations for the feast, as you may smell. The wines and brews are lined up, ready for the taking, with spiced warmed ale over a small fire being tended to by the cellar master." Annwvyn pauses for a moment, allowing the imagery to form in the mind of Cassandria. Taking a deep breath and tasting the odour of the food in the air, he continues. "The torch bearers are lighting the fire..." he said as they touched the torches to the base. "The fire climbs quickly--it's enormous!" The torch bearers all roll back, almost as a part of the dance, as the fire begins to erupt over eight metres tall. The heat could be felt from where they were standing, almost thirty metres away. The wave of heat forced the cold out of the town centre, and for a moment it felt as if they were back inside the inn. "All of the snow that fell on everything is melting..." he chuckled as he shook off his cloak before the melting snow soaked into the wool. Before he could even absorb the size of the fire in his mind, hissing and poping could be heard from nearby. Moments later, streams of light shot up into the air and erupted in brilliant explosions of colour and shape, filling the night sky with a light show--the likes of which he had not seen since he was a child. The roar of the fireworks was almost too loud for him to narrate over, but he managed a few words inbetween the bursts. "It's amazing, Cassandria! The colours in the sky, the lights... I wish you could see them!" The people of the village continued to sing and many more joined in the dancing around the intense fire, celebrating the gift of friends, family, life, light, and warmth.

With the stories of the shadow that he had heard, it was no wonder that they began the long stretch of darkness with such an incredible display of light. This would keep whatever darkness there was lurking outside of the view of the light at bay for certain.
"trans zephyrique globum scandunt tua facta per axem."

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Re: Shadows Of Dan'Nath

Post by Cassandria »

Smiling as she tilts her head, listening to his words, she seems happy yet thoughtful. "A strange tongue, yet it sounds very poetic." Following them, she moves to place an arm on Annwyvn's as a guide, unless he objects. Listening to him describing everything, she tilts her head and nods slowly. "It sounds wonderful, and I can smell everything, just as you describe. " Her voice is soft, full of awe as she pictures everything in her minds eye. Opening her mouth to speak, she snaps it shut with a soft sound, not continuing on with her statement for the moment. With a soft sigh, she breaks away from him and tilts her head.

"I need to check on my horse, he may be worried by the sounds." She starts to move off "You may follow me, if you wish to meet him, though I do not wish to distract you from the festivities." Moving slowly off, she holds back on telling them why she needs to see her horse, how she senses him. She seems suddenly saddened as she moves off, though she keeps her face hidden in the cowl of her hood.

Slipping into the stables, she moves swiftly over him, as he whickers softly towards her. "Shh... I'm here Aloysius. " Laying her hand on his neck, she gasps softly as she tilts her head. "No, not this time. You would not like it." She says softly against the horses ear "I appreciate the gesture, but not this night. Tomorrow perhaps."

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